Topic Library replaces PDF manuals

Customer documentation for select Grass Valley products is now delivered as an online HTML format Topic Library, rather than as PDF manuals, with the following benefits:
  • A unified search tool finds information anywhere in a product's documentation set. It is no longer necessary to search multiple PDF manuals.
  • Extended workflows can be linked, even when the scope crosses multiple installation and operational scenarios. It is no longer necessary to jump between PDF manuals to follow the complete workflow.
  • You can view the entire Topic Library offline by downloading as HTML or as PDF.
  • Other usability enhancements.

Information previously found in PDF manuals is now found in the Topic Library. The content of a PDF manual is an expandable section in the Topic Library tree-view. For example, the content of the "GV STRATUS Upgrade Instructions" PDF manual is in the Topic Library section highlighted in the following illustration.

For the GV STRATUS product, find information as follows:

Information from this PDF manual... Is in this Topic Library section:
"GV STRATUS Upgrade Instructions" GV STRATUS Upgrade
"GV STRATUS Installation and Service Manual" GV STRATUS Installation and Service
"GV STRATUS User Manual" GV STRATUS Operation
"Aurora Playout User Manual" GV STRATUS Rundown
"Aurora Playout Release Notes About this GV STRATUS Rundown Release
"Aurora Ingest System Guide" Using VTR Ingest GV STRATUS VTR Ingest
"Aurora Ingest System Guide" Using VTR Controller GV STRATUS VTR Controller
"Aurora Ingest Release Notes" About this GV STRATUS VTR Ingest Release
"FT Server Instruction Manual" Fault Tolerant Server
"GV STRATUS Release Notes" About this GV STRATUS Release

A Topic Library is hosted online on the Grass Valley website. Access to a Topic Library is available at the same location as PDF manuals. For example, if a reader is accustomed to downloading PDF manuals on the Grass Valley website from a Product Software Download page or from a Product Documentation Library page, a link to the Topic Library is provided on the same page.

A Topic Library provides several options for accessing information offline, as follows:
  • Print a single topic or a group of topics with Print topic or Print topic and sub-topics toolbar buttons. If your printer options support creating a PDF file, you can create a PDF file rather than printing.
  • Download the entire Topic Library as PDF file or as HTML. Access these options on the top-most Topic Library page.

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