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    Application Notes
    Improving Secondary Content Creation with Grass Valley AMPP Application Note (AN-PUB-3-1030A-EN) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Jul 20 2022
    Grass Valley's AMPP Asset Management helps you maximize the amount of finished content you create when capturing and editing live events. There is no need for extra equipment or delay in converting to a production format. The built-in Elastic Recorder tool can record any source in any format and capture the media file directly to cloud or on-prem storage, complete with proxies and access to the highres media. As soon as the capture begins, the content is available for editing with the built-in HTML5 editor or a craft editor like Adobe Premiere.
    AMPP Flow Monitors for Remote Production Application Note (AN-PUB-3-1013A-EN) File size: 468.7 KB, posted Dec 06 2021
    Grass Valley's AMPP-based Flow Monitors have given broadcasters the best of all worlds. Production staff remains at their preferred location and with a simple click on their web browser can connect to a high-quality, low-latency video feed that allows them to get their work done without the added cost and complexity of travelling to and from the venue.