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    Case Studies
    Solutions For Houses of Workship Case Studies (GVB-1-0634B-EN-CS) File size: 2.8 MB, posted Feb 28 2019
    First Baptist Dallas: Spreading the Gospel with Grass Valley

    Christian Church Casa de Dios (House of God): Transmitting the Christian message with the latest technology

    12Stone Church: Serving its satellite congregations with synchronized dual-feed services

    Trinity Fellowship: A Christmas Crisis – A multisite church replaced and enhanced its broadcasts just in time for the holidays
    TV Cultura — How A Pioneer Became Even More Innovative Case Study (GVB-1-0591B-EN-CS) File size: 1.0 MB, posted Mar 04 2019
    TV Cultura, Brazil

    CHALLENGE: TV Cultura — a station with a legacy of being a pioneer, starting with the early move to a tapeless environment — wanted to launch a new set of technologies that would be even more innovative.

    SOLUTION: A Grass Valley news production solution to enable more efficient workflows, consisting of LDX 80 Flex cameras, GV STRATUS video production and content management, EDIUS editing software, K2 Summit 3G production clients and K2 SAN

    BENEFITS: Transformed TV Cultura's news production workflow into an agile and cost-efficient operation with the ability to scale based on business and production needs.
    Emerson College: Preparing students for the real world with real world equipment and training Case Study (GVB-1-0590A-EN-CS) File size: 1.3 MB, posted Nov 02 2016
    Emerson College, US

    The college offers a variety of practical learning opportunities for students while delivering a range of high-quality programming to the Emerson campus community.

    CHALLENGE: Provide an educational environment that features future proof and upgradable broadcast technology tied to practical applications.

    SOLUTION: Work with Grass Valley and The Systems Group to upgrade studios to HD capability with a path to 4K UHD.

    BENEFITS: Students are now able to join the workforce with relevant experience on the equipment they will find as they begin their careers.
    Columbus Clippers Baseball Case Study (GVB-1-0562B-EN-CS) File size: 1.9 MB, posted Mar 05 2019
    Columbus Clippers Baseball, US

    CHALLENGE: To produce baseball telecasts to support five different program platforms

    SOLUTION: LDX Flex cameras, GV Director nonlinear live production center, K2 Dyno Replay System with ChannelFlex, NVISION 8500 router, Kaleido-MX multiviewers

    BENEFIT: Minimal training time, with the ability to produce a major league telecast while still in the minor league.
    Phoenix TV Upgrading to HD to Better Serve the Chinese-speaking World Case Study (GVB-1-0243B-EN-CS) File size: 1.3 MB, posted Mar 04 2019
    Phoenix TV, Hong Kong
    Phoenix Satellite Television, US

    CHALLENGES: Moving into a new facility and then upgrading to HD

    SOLUTION: Phoenix TV worked with BFA and Grass Valley to determine the most appropriate workflow, the best equipment to address the multiple types of programming offered, and developed an in-depth training program to get the production crew up to speed quickly.