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    LDX 90 & LDX C90 Series Technical Specifications (DS-PUB-3-1021d-EN) File size: 2.1 MB, posted Feb 08 2023
    Adapting to new circumstances is a constant in live production. In addition to the pace of the action in the event, the camera must rapidly adjust to shooting positions, lighting and weather. Even more critical is the ability quickly reconfigure production formats, picture resolution and frame rates with a minimum of effort and downtime. Designed specifically for these demanding conditions, Grass Valley LDX cameras set the standard for combining picture quality with ease of use in capturing live images.
    LDX 90 Series: Superb Image Quality in HD or UHD Datasheet (DS-PUB-3-1019B-EN) File size: 2.1 MB, posted Dec 16 2021
    To ensure highest quality image capture, Grass Valley develops camera imagers that specifically meet the requirements of live events. All of the LDX 90 series cameras capture fast-paced action without image smear. The cameras adapt easily to a wide range of lighting conditions across all of the different acquisition speeds. Even for 3X and 6X speed slow-motion under artificial lighting, the LDX 90 series ensures pristine images with the AnyLightXtreme live flicker reduction system.
    LDX Cameras Accessories: Datasheet (Acc_DS-PUB-3-1019B-EN) File size: 1.7 MB, posted Mar 28 2022
    Complete your camera system with hand-held or tripod-mounted options to fit all live production needs. LDX cameras offer a variety of viewfinder options for different resolutions, brightnesses, and viewing conditions. Accessories may be interchanged within a camera series to match production needs.