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    Application Notes
    Telecast: SMPTE Timecode Through Viper or Adder Application Note (an_acquisition_02) File size: 18.9 KB, posted Apr 01 2013
    Fiber Optics In Sports Production Application Note (GVB-1-0255A-EN-AN) File size: 1.5 MB, posted Sep 13 2014
    Grass Valley, a Belden Brand developed this guide to assist non-engineering broadcast professionals in making critical decisions about using fiber optic technology for sports production. Because of the vastly increased bandwidth requirements of high-definition television signals and the expansion of internal video operations in sports venues, fiber optics can play a huge role in cutting costs and enhancing the workflow of sports production.
    XCU: The Next Generation of Camera Base Stations Application Note —by Klaus Weber, Director Imaging Technology, (GVB-1-0201A-EN-AN) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Sep 30 2014
    At NAB 2013, Grass Valley introduced the newest idea in broadcast camera base stations (CCUs) — the XCU eXchangeable control unit. Two XCU models (XCU WorldCam and XCU Elite) have replaced the previous range of LDK 3G Transmission base stations and offer the same functionality and performance.

    However, XCU also provides a unique "cradle" concept which allows for easy "slide-in" and "slide-out" of the XCU into and out of a pre-mounted XCU cradle. This unique cradle concept is a revolutionary solution and a real game-changer for video production companies — such as OB truck operators — as it helps to minimize operational costs and streamlines the reconfiguration of OB trucks for each production.
    Applications for the LDX Compact Series Application Note —by Klaus Weber, Director Imaging Technology, (GVB-1-0200B-EN-AN) File size: 1.4 MB, posted Oct 24 2014
    The Grass Valley LDX Compact series of advanced imaging cameras is an extension to the revolutionary LDX Series of cameras — built for tight spaces, remote pan/tilt heads, Steadicam and POV applications — with superior imaging, processing and performance. LDX Compact is available in three different versions which offer different format support and feature sets optimized for different applications. All versions offer a new level of business flexibility with the introduction of the GV-eLicensing system providing an easy upgrade path from any lower model of the range into any higher model. LDX Compact provides the same image performance and all of the control features of the LDX Series of high-quality broadcast system cameras in a smaller mechanical package. This implementation produces the same high level of image acquisition quality in areas and from angles that can be very space constrained.
    The Kayenne ClipStore Application Note —by David Casper, (GVB-1-0152B-EN-AN) File size: 3.2 MB, posted Feb 28 2019
    The Kayenne ClipStore from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, incorporates K2 media server technology by embedding either a 4-channel K2 Summit or a 2-channel K2 Solo. Each of these server channels records and plays a video and key pair. The ClipStore video and key are kept in one single file (not two files) so that video, key and audio are always synchronized without the need to gang channels.
    Multiple LAN support for C2IP Application Note (appnote multiple lan support for c2ip) File size: 997.3 KB, posted Nov 2015
    Kula GV PTZ VISCA IP Camera Control Application Notes (DS-PUB-2-0991A-EN) File size: 2.0 MB, posted May 10 2021
    Direct IP Configuration Application Note (3922-49632-541 v1.1) File size: 1.4 MB, posted Nov 02 2017
    This application note describes a step-by-step procedure to set up a Direct IP configuration.
    LDK 23HS mkII Application Note (3122-787-34200) File size: 306.3 KB, posted Jun 07 2002