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    Case Studies
    Red Union Films: Powder — Real-time, mixed-format post production Case Study (PRV-4133M) File size: 783.2 KB, posted Jun 28 2011
    Owning their own EDIUS systems has enabled Red Union Films to respond to all the creative variables that happen in independent filmmaking, while allowing them to maintain complete control over production from the beginning to the very end.
    Abraham Joffe Videographers Australia's (and Possibly the World's) First 3D Wedding Case Study (PRV-4114M-1) File size: 823.3 KB, posted Apr 06 2011
    Abraham Joffe Videographers made the transition from 2D HD to 3D editing with the same EDIUS real-time editing system they have been using all along. EDIUS has good support for 3D, so they were completely familiar and comfortable with the way it works, even in 3D.
    Red Union Films: Awaydays — Real-time, mixed-format post production Case Study (PRV-4073M-1) File size: 814.8 KB, posted Jan 27 2011
    Mediatec Broadcast Sweden Grass Valley cameras and switchers cover the event for SVT and the world Case Study (GVB-1-0148B-EN-CS) File size: 1.7 MB, posted Feb 28 2019
    Using a Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center switcher, outside broadcast provider Mediatec Broadcast Sweden helped national broadcaster SVT provide live coverage of the first royal wedding in the country in more than 30 years
    Hall Of Music Productions, Purdue University Case Study (GVB-1-0102B-EN-CS) File size: 1.4 MB, posted Mar 04 2019
    Al Kass: Covering sports in the Gulf Case Study (GV-4102M) File size: 1.0 MB, posted Oct 14 2011
    For its latest investment project, Al Kass commissioned two new large outside broadcast trucks to augment its existing fleet with large-scale production capabilities. Although the units will be based in Doha, the expectation is that they will travel throughout the region, and particularly to neighboring countries including the United Arab Emirates.

    The two trucks are being built for Al Kass by Grass Valley at its outside broadcast systems center of excellence in Weiterstadt, Germany.
    Mansion Mobile Television: Keeping Business in Focus with Grass Valley HD Cameras Case Study (CAM-4079M) File size: 765.8 KB, posted Jun 20 2012
    Any mobile production services company will tell you that the quality of the images they produce on-site for their clients is their virtual calling card for recurring business. When compared to the competition—which is becoming more fierce all the time—you are only as good as your last project and how it looks on the screen. That's why the team at Mansion Mobile Television, a production company located in Branson, Missouri, was so careful when picking the cameras they would use for the literally hundreds of live sports and entertainment events they complete each year across the entire Midwest US and other regions.

    Mansion Mobile chose Grass Valley® LDK 8000 Elite WorldCam cameras and Canon HD lenses for their arsenal for three simple—but very practical—reasons: the image quality the cameras produce, their ability to natively shoot in different HD formats, and their durability. Mansion Mobile could be shooting a 720p project for Fox Sports one day, and a 1080i project for CBS Sports the next. The LDK 8000 Elite WorldCam gives the company the confidence of knowing that their investment is sound and secure.
    Eurovision Song Contest 2011: Grass Valley wireless cameras deliver up close and personal shots to millions Case Study (CAM-4071M) File size: 1.0 MB, posted Jan 18 2012
    The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is the world's biggest non-sporting live TV event and a strong household name among hundreds of millions of people in Europe.

    The ESC 2011 was produced and broadcast in high-definition 1080i with 5.1 surround sound and two-channel stereo. A key role in the production of the ESC 2011 were four Grass Valley® LDK 8000 Elite cameras with wireless adapters.
    Talkback Thames: Arresting Performance from HD Cameras Case Study (CAM-4058M-2) File size: 698.0 KB, posted Jan 27 2011
    The Bill is a long-running and very popular police procedural drama produced by Talkback Thames for the UK's ITV network. Early in 2009 the decision was made to change the requirement to a weekly, one hour high-definition drama for a 9:00 pm/21.00 timeslot. That called for Talkback Thames to re-equip its production capabilities to upgrade to HD, and as part of that they looked at new cameras.

    One of the characteristics of the way The Bill worked in SD was that Talkback Thames used system cameras recording to separate devices, rather than the camcorders that might typically be used for drama. Having looked carefully at all the options available as they moved to HD, Talkback Thames decided to maintain the same approach, and placed an order for five Grass Valley® LDK 8000 Elite cameras, which record onto the Panasonic P2 format.