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    AMG Television Productions: Satisfying The Need For Speed With EDIUS Case Study (PRV-4064M-1) File size: 660.8 KB, posted Jan 27 2011
    Andy Glossop of AMG Television Productions, shoots, edits, and produces extensive coverage for various Race & Rally Championships throughout Great Britain. He edits on an EDIUS system, with its real-time processing and multilayered effects preview, in order to meet tight deadlines. Andy Glossop has a need for speed. Whether it's watching his beloved motor sports racing for pleasure or editing television sports programming for the UK's popular Channel 5, he likes things to happen quickly—give it to him fast and furious!

    As owner and executive producer of AMG Television Productions, Glossop understands the unique requirements of digital video production and the increasing demands his clients place on him. It's this need for real-time processing and effects in order to turn around completed projects quickly that led him to use the latest version of Grass Valley® EDIUS® editing software. Glossop is such a fan of EDIUS, he's used every version of the NLE software since 1998.