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    Application Notes
    The Integration of Graphics in Smart Playout Center Application Note —by Matt Allard, Senior Director, Marketing Programs, (SDP-5101M) File size: 1.4 MB, posted Mar 08 2013
    An integrated playout system must include advanced graphics management and delivery. Grass Valley® Smart Playout Center™ provides advanced tools for a complete graphics workflow with Channel Composer™. The information provided here guides users through an innovative approach to creating sophisticated on-air channel looks that seamlessly integrate with media asset management and playout.
    Delivering Channels to Second Screens with Smart Playout Center Application Note —by Jon Wells and David Andres, (MPS-4014M) File size: 948.8 KB, posted Nov 09 2012
    Solutions for Disaster Recovery Using Grass Valley Integrated Playout Systems Application Notes —by Alex Lakey and Guido Bozward, (MPS-4008M) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Feb 13 2012