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    FRS-3901: 3G/HD/SD Frame Synchronizer with Embedded Audio Processor Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0380A-EN) File size: 609.9 KB, posted Feb 12 2020
    The FRS-3901 from Grass Valley is a highly integrated module which offers frame synchronization and video/audio processing, including color correction and delay, for 3G, HD and SD signals in 3G/HD/SD hybrid plants. The FRS-3901 features an advanced embedded audio processor which can simultaneously process up to 32 channels of audio (16 channels of embedded audio from the video plus others generated internally). Functions include downmixing, proc amp, channel shuffling and mixing, and loudness measurement. Options include automatic loudness control (ALC) and dynamic processing (limiter, compressor and expander). The FRS-3901 generates audio/video fingerprints (via an iControl option) to detect and measure lip-sync errors in a broadcast facility.