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    ADVC G-Series – Integrating Consumer and Prosumer Devices into a Production Workflow Application Notes —by Joe Paryzek, Solutions Engineer, Grass Valley, (GVB-1-0248A-EN-AN) File size: 1.3 MB, posted Sep 17 2014
    Grass Valley ADVC G-Series converters are designed to properly convert, aspect-correct, signal format, buffer, and synchronize (when genlocked).

    The G-Series offers much more functionality than converters that simply perform as media extenders. This Application Note gives practical examples of the benefits of using them in a production environment.
    Windows 8/8.1 Compatibility for Grass Valley ADVC, EDIUS and Related Products Application Note (GVB-1-0208A-EN-AN) File size: 611.0 KB, posted Mar 13 2015
    Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, has been testing and qualifying products with Windows 8/8.1 and is continuing to do so. This document is a status update of this testing. Future dates and schedules mentioned in this document are subject to change without notice.