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    Application Notes
    1 RU BroadLinx Chassis Installation Requirements Application Note —by Lee Buchanan and David Blair, (RMC-6039M) File size: 2.0 MB, posted Jun 20 2014
    This document provides guidance for upgrading existing Grass Valley Trinix 512x512 systems based on the 4 RU Unipower power supply chassis to the latest 1 RU BroadLinx chassis and 1 RU Lineage power supply chassis.
    Protection and Redundancy for Routing Switchers Application Note —by Peter Hoffmann, Director Product Marketing Broadcast Infrastructure, (RMC-4029M) File size: 761.1 KB, posted Jan 15 2013
    The impact of routing switcher failures can be significant. This document details various technologies and implementations that are used to minimize the possibility of such failures.