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    Application Notes
    K2 Dyno S Replay System: RT Software tOG GV Sports and K2 Dyno S Application Note —by Olaf Bahr, Product Manager, (GVB-1-0105C-EN-AN) File size: 3.2 MB, posted Mar 05 2019
    The integration of tOG and K2 Dyno brings an affordable A-level analysis tool to every level of live event production.
    File-Based Live Production with the K2 Summit, K2 Dyno Replay System, and K2 Dyno Production Assistant Application Note —by Eric Serré, Product Marketing Manager, Grass Valley, (GVB-1-0097B-EN-AN) File size: 3.0 MB, posted Mar 05 2019
    Transferring Media Between K2 Summit 3G Media Server Systems with the K2 Dyno S Replay Controller in Live Replay Environments Application Note —by Fred van Galen, Pre-Sales Engineer EMEA Central and Eurasia Regions & Olaf Bahr, Product Manager, (GVB-1-0093B-EN-AN) File size: 4.2 MB, posted Mar 05 2019
    During live productions, there is often the need to quickly and easily share media. To facilitate this, there are setup procedures that need to be followed with K2 Summit 3G media servers in combination with K2 Dyno S Replay Controllers from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand.