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    GV K-Frame XP: Video Production Center Datasheet (DS-PUB-3-0912A-EN) File size: 1.6 MB, posted Oct 22 2021
    In the past, producing premium 4K content frequently required bandwidth and processing capacity that ccould only be achieved by combining multiple video sources and processors. This complexity made production difficult and at times limited the creative effects available to productions in UHD. The new GV K-Frame XP from Grass Valley is a no-compromise 4K UHD/HD, IP and SDI video processing frame that alleviates these limitations.

    The GV K-Frame XP video production center introduces a new generation of full raster 4K UHD products for live production. Available in two different sizes — compact or standard — GV K-Frame XP may be paired with any of Grass Valley's Kayenne, Karrera, Korona or KSP control surfaces. GV K-Frame XP provides unsurpassed 4K UHD connectivity with every input and output supporting 4K UHD 2160p signals.