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    MV-825-RTR: Space-Saving 2 RU Integrated Router & Multiviewer Datasheet (DS-PUB-2-0925B-EN) File size: 1.3 MB, posted Aug 04 2020
    The MV-825-RTR is a high-density multiviewer with integrated (48+12MV) In x 48 Out SDI router that's perfect for applications requiring space-saving solutions as well as the highest quality image display. The MV-825-RTR is for SDI workflows with a license option for 12G connectivity.

    The MV-825-RTR multiviewer is part of Grass Valley's MV-8 series multiviewer range. It is small and compact but with a high-density I/O and is the only multiviewer to include a 48 input by 48 output router with 12 multiviewer outputs in a 2 RU chassis. This makes the MV-825-RTR ideal for on-the-road productions, flyaway packs, conferences and events.