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    JPEG XS: Grass Valley's Standardized Approach Technical Brief (TB-PUB-2-1002B-EN) File size: 241.8 KB, posted Aug 13 2021
    A Grass Valley JPEG XS solution is a true end-to-end ecosystem allowing a broadcaster to reap the full benefits of scalability, flexibility and efficiency of JPEG XS in an IP infrastructure. Broadcasters looking for a simple, standards-compliant, end-to-end solution will find that Grass Valley is the only vendor to address the complete workflow. Broadcasters who require multivendor systems will benefit from Grass Valley's adherence to standardized technologies and the fact that all Grass Valley solutions are fully NMOS compliant and are extensively tested for interoperability.
    Densité 3+ XIP-3901-JPEG-XS: Multichannel JPEG-XS Encode / Decode ST 2110 Application for the XIP-3901 Datahseet (DS-PUB-3-1004B-EN) File size: 1.4 MB, posted Dec 23 2022
    This XIP-3901-JPEG-XS application from Grass Valley supports multiple channel of HD & UHD encoding/decoding between 2110-20 uncompressed video and 2110-22 high quality compressed video using the JPEG XS standard. The application provides low latency encoding side while an optional ST-2110 streams alignment is available on the decoding side to match production studio equipment top of frame reference requirement if needed. Network connectivity is enabled with dual 25 GbE I/O for full SMPTE ST 2022-7 redundancy.