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    GV Korona K-Frame S-series: Video Production Center Datasheet (GVB-1-0587I-EN-DS) File size: 1.4 MB, posted Feb 26 2019
    All the switcher power you want, with the affordability you need.

    GV Korona K-Frame S-series systems from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, combine ultimate mid-range switcher performance, along with proven workflows and simplified control of complex productions. These unrivaled capabilities are offered in three system packages, with 3 M/Es, 2 M/Es or 1 M/E, for exceptional value. The GV Korona panel is primarily referenced with the S-series and V-series, but GV Korona can be used with any video processing frame.
    Production Switchers: Performance and Mid-Range Switcher Catalog (DS-PUB-2-0572C-EN) File size: 5.9 MB, posted Jan 25 2021
    Production switchers from Grass Valley are engineered for fast, efficient and creative productions. Operations are optimized with easy to load show programming, responsive automation and powerful features using macros and timelines. As an integral component of creating live television coverage of sports, entertainment and news from both studio and mobile installations, Kayenne, Karrera and GV Korona panels include familiar controls and intuitive interfaces. These systems define the industry standard operation, so training costs are lower and finding operators is easier.