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    Case Studies
    Videorogues Richy Parkin/Keith Urban (Kayak HD) Case Study (LPS-5052M) File size: 540.6 KB, posted Nov 05 2013
    Richy Parkin, director/owner, Videorogues
    Directing live onstage video for the 2013 Keith Urban U.S. Tour

    CHALLENGES: Delay between transitions

    SOLUTION: Kayak HD 3 M/E video production switcher with Spektra enhancement

    BENEFITS: Multiple macros, a quick response time, and versatility
    Lindenwood University: Training tomorrow’s video professionals with Grass Valley technology today Case Study (LPS-4031M) File size: 604.3 KB, posted Aug 26 2011
    When students at Lindenwood University graduate from the School of Communications program, they not only have a comprehensive, hands-on understanding of what it takes to operate professional video equipment.