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List of Setting Descriptions

Relationship between Project Settings/Sequence Settings/Device Preset

The following diagram illustrates the settings available in each setting and their descriptions:

System Settings

In the system settings, you can change the settings for project presets, profile management, import/export hardware, configuration for source capture.

If you use the restricted user profile, the system settings cannot be changed.

The major setting items are as follows:

Application settings

Buffer settings

Capture settings

Rendering settings

Profile management

Project preset management

Loudness meter settings

Transfer destination settings for the source browser

SNFS bandwidth restriction settings

File export settings

Update notification settings

Hardware settings

Preview device settings

Device preset management

Importer/Exporter settings

Settings for each importer and exporter

Effect plug-in settings

Plug-in registration

Input controller settings

Connection settings (Key settings for each controller are available in the user settings.)

User Settings

Change how clips are handled on the timeline, or change the user editing environment, for example, by customizing screens or buttons.

Both restricted users and administrator users can change and save settings in profiles from any user profile, and record them to the profiles.

The major setting items are as follows:

Application settings

Project file settings (including save destination)

Match frame settings

Background job settings

Timeline settings

Proxy Mode Settings

Other settings

Preview settings

Playback settings (including preroll)

Monitor settings

On-screen display settings

Information display settings (including zebra preview and safe area display)

Preroll editing settings

User interface settings



Keyboard shortcuts


Windows color

Source settings


Automatic correction

Restore offline clip

Partial transfer

K2 assets registration

Input controller

Key settings for each controller

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