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Entering Values Using Keyboard and Mouse

This section explains the setting operation for the values in each settings dialog box.

Direct Input of Value

You can directly enter values with [0] to [9] on the keyboard.

1Select the input field and enter the value on the keyboard.

You can enter the value in the HHMMSSFF format (H = hour; M = minute; S = second; and F = frame). For example, enter “43S21F” or “4321” in only numerics for 43 seconds and 21 frames. Enter “10M” or “100000” for 10 minutes. If entering “3H2M1S0F”, the value will be “03:02:01:00”.

2Press [Enter] on the keyboard.

Offset Input

You can enter variation values in the input field.

1Select the input field and enter the variation value from the current set value.
2Press [Enter] on the keyboard.

Enter “” before the value to decrease the set value.

Enter “+” before the value to increase the set value.

Setting with Arrow Keys

You can enter values with keys on the keyboard.

1Select the input field and change the value with arrow keys on the keyboard (, , , ).
2Press [Enter] on the keyboard.

Entering with Mouse Wheel

The set values can be changed with the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel is in the center of the mouse.

1Move the mouse cursor near the input field.

The shape of the mouse cursor changes.

2Click the value and rotate the mouse wheel.
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