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How to Use the Manuals in the Package

The section explains how to read the manuals and Reference Manual attached to EDIUS.

Manuals in the Package

The following explains the manuals attached to EDIUS.

Installation Guide

Explains how to install/uninstall EDIUS and license information.

Reference Manual (This manual)

Describes functions and operations of EDIUS.

This manual explains operations based on EDIUS Elite. If menus or buttons described in this manual are not displayed, the functions will not be equipped with the product in use. For functions that differ depending on the EDIUS products, see our website.

Our Website


Start up EDIUS and click [Help] [Help] to display the Reference Manual.

How to Read Reference Manual

The following image illustrates the conventions and their meanings in this manual:

*The illustration is a sample image. This image may differ from the actual page in this manual.


Explains useful points to operate functions.

Reference page

Indicates the related pages.


Explains the alternative procedure to operate the same function of the flow in a different process.


Explains the points to be aware of or restricted to operate functions.

New Functions and Changed Functions

See our website for new functions and changed functions from the previous version of EDIUS, and functional differences by product.

Our Website

This manual is base on EDIUS Elite. Please note that the following functions are not equipped with EDIUS Pro.

*1It can be supported on EDIUS Pro by using the optional license. (EDIUS 7.4 or later)

*2It can be supported on EDIUS Elite/Pro by using the optional license. (EDIUS 7.5 or later)

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