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[Input Controller]

Fader/Jog Controller

Assign keys to controller buttons when using the option fader controller and jog controller.

1Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [User Settings].
2Click the [Input Controller] tree, and click the fader controller or jog controller to be used.
3Set each item.

For [MKB-88 for EDIUS]

Controller display
[Control] tab

Displays an overview of the controller. Buttons assigned an operation are displayed in yellow. If you click a button to assign an operation to, the [Select Operation] dialog box appears.

[List] tab

Displays the buttons, assigned operations, and repeat enable/disable setting in a list. Click the list and [Assign] to open the [Select Operation] dialog box. Click [Not Assign] to cancel operation assignments.

[Select Operation] Dialog Box


Import and export controller settings.


Return settings to their defaults.

4Click [OK].

You can continue to set other items by clicking [Apply].

[Select Operation] Dialog Box

Select operation categories from the list to narrow down the items.


Enter a keyword to narrow down the items.

Operation list

Displays operations available for assignment. You can also assign operations by dragging operations and dropping onto the buttons in the [Control] tab or the list in the [List] tab.

[Use Key Repeat]

Check this item to repeatedly perform an operation when a key is held down.

[Find Short Cut]

Click this item and press any key on the keyboard to select the shortcut operation assigned to the key.

How to Use the Behringer BCF2000
Encoder knobs

Encoder knobs can be used as buttons. Select the operation that is performed when a button is pressed by the encode selection buttons. No functions are assigned to the rotation direction of the encoder knobs.

Upper buttons

These buttons function as the SELECT button for selecting the learning mode.

Lower buttons

These buttons are used for emulating touch operations. The touch sensor part for the fader is emulated. Press a button to set a break state, and release the button to set a release state.

Encode selection buttons

Upper left: SELECT

Upper right: AUX

Lower left: SOLO

Lower right: MUTE

Preset selection buttons

Select a preset No. To use this function from EDIUS, presets must be installed.

Function buttons

These buttons can be customized with key assignments.

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