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Measuring Loudness

In digital broadcasts, volume adjustment based on the “loudness” standard is required for the purpose of suppressing variance in the volume between programs and broadcasting stations. Loudness is numerically converted value that represent sound level sensed by humans. EDIUS can measure the noise level that is compliant with the ITU-R BS.1770-2 and EBU R128 loudness standards.

The loudness of the current sequence can be measured in the following procedure.

1Click [View] on the menu bar, and click [Loudness Meter].

The [Loudness Meter] dialog box appears.

Loudness standard

Select the preset or the standard to be used for loudness measurement from the list.


View the settings of loudness standards and set the output channels for L/R/C/LS/RS channels.

History display

Display the measurement result as a chart.

Measurement value

Display the measurement values such as [Integrated] that shows the average loudness value in the measured time and [Loudness Range] that shows the width of the measured loudness.

The value of [Integrated] is displayed in red if it exceeds the target level.


Start, pause, or restart measurement.


Reset the measurement results.


Play back the timeline. Clicking this during playback stops playback.


Close the dialog box.

2Select [ITU-R BS.1770-2] or [EBU R128] from the list of loudness standards, and click [Settings].

The [Loudness Meter Settings] dialog box appears.

3In [Measurement Group 1] ([Measurement Group 2] if necessary), set the channels to which L/R/C/LS/RS channels are to be remapped, and click [Settings].
4Move the timeline cursor to the position to start playback.
5Click [Play] in the [Loudness Meter] dialog box, and at the time you start a measurement, click [START].

The loudness measurement value is displayed as a chart or numerical value.

To stop measurement during playback, click [Pause]. Clicking [Continue] resumes measurement. Click [RESET] to reset measurement.

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