System Options

The following options are available for purchase. Once purchased, you will receive an XML file that contains the licensing keys. Use the License Manager to install the keys. For more information on licensing, see the Licensing topic.

  • CMDCTR-SYSCommandCenter Multi-User Client-Server System Application for 2 User/Clients
  • CMDCTR-SYS-REDCommandCenter Redundant Server Software License
  • CMDCTR-SYS-SNMPCommandCenter Advanced SNMP Software Option
  • CMDCTR-SYS-TALLYCommandCenter Advanced Multi-Level Tally Software Option
  • CMDCTR-SYS-GENERIC CommandCenter Generic Device Interface Software Option
  • CMDCTR-SYS-CLIENTAdditional Client License
  • CMDCTR-SYS-CLIENT-ULCommandCenter Additional Maximum Client Licenses
  • CMDCTR-SERVERCommandCenter Server Hardware
  • CMDCTR-SERVER-RED CommandCenter Redundant Server Hardware

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