New Background Music Feature on Storyboard

You can add background music to a movie by registering music clips to the storyboard.

Effects such as fade in/fade out can be applied to the background music.

1) Register a clip to [Library] of Mync.

2) Create a storyboard and add clips.

3) Edit a video clip or still image clip in the thumbnail pane of the storyboard.

4) Click [Audio] in the properties pane.

5) Set each item.



Adjust the volume. Click the speaker icon to toggle mute/unmute.


Set the master volume of the entire storyboard.


Adjust the volume of video clips.


Adjust the volume of the background music.

[Fade In]

Set the fade-in duration. Checking [Repeat] applies fade-in to the beginning of the storyboard.

[Fade Out]

Set the fade-out duration. Checking [Repeat] applies fade-out to the end of the storyboard.


[Music Settings]


Set the start point of the background music. The playback starts after a lapse of the set duration from the start point of the storyboard.


Set the intervals of music clips placed on the timeline.


Check this item to repeat playback of music clips that are registered to the storyboard.


The left shows the total duration of music clips that are registered to the storyboard, and the right shows the duration of the entire storyboard.


Music clip list

Music clips registered to the storyboard are displayed in a list. You can view [Clip Name], [Duration] and [Tag] of music clips.

Music clips are placed on the timeline in order from the one on the top of the music clip list.

Offline clips are displayed in red.


  • Video clips with audio cannot be used as music clips.

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