Importing Sources

Playback of Clip

Organizing/ Managing Clips

Creating Movies

Sharing Online

Interaction with EDIUS


Grouping Clips ([Catalog])

Using the [Catalog] function, you can group registered clips, create [Storyboard] from grouped [Catalog] to edit movies, and perform other operations.

If you use Mync that has come with EDIUS, the grouped [Catalog] and [Storyboard] can be displayed on the source browser of EDIUS or registered to the bin of EDIUS.

Creating New Storyboard from Catalog/Smart Catalog

Interaction with EDIUS


  • Interaction with EDIUS is supported only for Mync that comes with EDIUS.

Creating New Catalog

Create a new catalog.

1) Click the icon on the right edge of [Catalog] on the sidebar.

Registering Clip to Catalog

Register clips to a created catalog.

1) Drag and drop a clip in the thumbnail pane to the catalog.

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