Using Sequence Markers

Entering Comments to Sequence Markers

You can add a comment to sequence markers that have been set.

1) Right-click a sequence marker on the time scale, and click [Edit Sequence marker].

2) In the [Marker Comments] dialog box, enter a comment and click [OK].


Changing Color of Sequence Marker

The set color of sequence markers can be changed.

1) On the [Sequence Marker] list, click [Color] of a sequence marker to change the color and select a desired color.

Moving to Sequence Marker Positions

You can jump to the position of set sequence markers.

1) Click [Go to Previous Marker] or [Go to Next marker] in the [Sequence Marker] list.


Importing Sequence Marker Lists (Import)

You can import sequence marker list files in XML or CSV format.

1) Click [Import Marker List] in the [Sequence Marker] list.

2) In the [Open] dialog box, select an XML or CSV file, and click [Open].



  • When the focus is on the Player, sequence marker lists cannot be imported.

  • The color of all sequence markers imported in the CSV format is orange.

  • XML format files cannot be imported to EDIUS version 9.2 and earlier.

Exporting Sequence Marker Lists (Export)

You can export sequence marker list in the [Sequence Marker] list to an XML or CSV file.

1) Click [Export Marker List] in the [Sequence Marker] list.

2) In the [Save As] dialog box, specify a file name and save destination.

3) Select the output format, and click [Save].



  • Exporting [Color] information is not supported for CSV format files. All sequence markers exported in CSV format will be orange sequence markers.

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