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Managing Sources

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Moving Clips

Drag a clip placed on the timeline, and drop it onto the destination. Clips can be moved to any desired position, including different tracks.

Selecting Multiple Clips

You can select all clips in the same track. You can also select all clips on the timeline.

1) Click the track panel to select the track.

2) Right-click the timeline, and click [Select] → [Selected Tracks].


Moving Clips

You can move clips by dragging and dropping. You can also move multiple clips at the same time.

Selecting Multiple Clips

1) Select a clip, and drag and drop it at the destination.


When multiple clips on the 1VA track and 2VA track have been selected, and dragged and dropped to a track above



  • When you have selected multiple clips placed on different types of tracks and dragged across tracks, only clips placed between tracks of the same type move.

    When multiple clips on the 1VA track, 1T track, and 1A track have been selected and dragged and dropped to a track above, the screen is displayed as follows.

  • When only one of two clips set with a clip transition or audio cross fades is moved, only the selected clip moves and the transition is released.

Moving a Selected Clip and Subsequent Clips

You can move a selected clip and the subsequent clips within the same track with each position maintained.

1) Select the starting clip of the clips to be moved, and drag it with [Shift] and [Alt] on the keyboard held down.

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