Exporting to an HDV Device (Generic HDV)

Convert the edited clip to a format to be exported to an HDV device (MPEG-TS format), and export the converted file to the HDV device.


  • Before exporting, make sure to save your project.

Exporting Files with an HDV Exporter

1) Click [HDV] in the [Print to File] dialog box category tree.

2) Click [HDV], and click [Export].

[Segment Encode]

Check this item to export a clip of a raw source without re-encoding.

This increases the output speed.

If the frame rate of the export format is 23.98p, segment encode is not available.


Select the quality of the part to be re-encoded from the list. The higher the quality, the more time it takes to be encoded.

[Gop Type]

Only displayed when the export format frame rate is 23.98p. Select the format from [HDV24p Record (Canon XL-H1, Sony HVR-Z7 etc.)] or [HDV24p Scan (Sony HVR-V1, HDV1080i devices)].

[Launch MPEG TS Writer after export]

Check this item to start up MPEG TS Writer automatically after export to file.

Exporting an Exported File to Tape

[Tape out after export]

Becomes enabled when [Launch MPEG TS Writer after export] is checked. If checked, the data in the generated file is printed to tape with MPEG TS Writer.

Exporting an Exported File to Tape

3) Enter a file name, select the save destination and click [Save].

Exporting an Exported File to Tape

1) Connect the PC IEEE1394 terminal to the HDV device with a DV cable.

2) Click [Tools] on the menu bar, and click [MPEG TS Writer].


3) Select [Microsoft AV/C Tape Subunit Device] from the [Device] list.


  • If the HDV camera is not recognized, check the items in [Sound, video and game controller] on the Device Manager. The camera is recognized correctly on Windows if the device name is displayed. If it is not recognized, check that Windows is updated, and that the HDV camera is set to the HDV fixed mode (HDV-DV conversion is off).

4) Click [Add File to List].

5) Select the exported file, and click [Open].

6) Click [Write].

7) Click [OK].

8) Click [Exit].

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