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Points About Capture and Editing

The following explains points and precautions about capture and editing.

The capture operation procedure is the same as that for other devices connected via the IEEE1394 interface.

Capturing and Importing Sources

Shooting Video Utilizing VARICAM Features

To utilize the features of VARICAM to create good-leaking slow motion and quick motion, the speed that will be required as a result of editing must be calculated in advance before shooting video. The playback speed is calculated by the following formula:

Playback speed (%) = frame rate of timeline ÷ frame rate at shootingx100

What Are Under Crank Shooting and Over Crank Shooting?

Under crank shooting

This refers to low-speed shooting by which warp effects and flashlight effects, and stage effects such as ghost effects can be obtained.

Over crank shooting

This refers to high-speed shooting by which stage effects using high image quality slow motion with smooth highly dense frame video can be obtained.

Points when Using Under Crank Shooting for Quick Motion

Points when Using Over Crank Shooting for Slow Motion

When Shooting for Slow Motion/Quick Motion Is Not Required

Select the 60p (59.94p) capture format.

When video is captured in this mode, playback is adjusted to keep real time at shooting. Since the original speed setting is also reflected in playback, both slow motion and quick motion are supported.However, this is not a method of effectively using the original performance of VARICAM.


  • To perform input/output in accordance with the IEEE1394 interface, change the frame frequency setting on the deck to 59.94 Hz at editing even when the source was shot at a frame frequency of 60.00 Hz.

  • The following functions will not work properly on files captured in the [960x720 Constant Rate Shooting 59.94p] or [960x720 Constant Rate Shooting 60p] format:

    • Match frame jump

    • EDL import/export

    • Restoring offline clips

    Also, the EDL import/export function will not work properly when the following formats are selected in the project settings or at [Output H/W, Format Settings] in device presets:

    • 960x720 59.94p

    • 960x720 23.98p over 59.94p

    • 960x720 29.97p over 59.94p

    • 960x720 24p over 60p

    • 960x720 25p over 60p

    • 960x720 50p over 60p

    • 960x720 50p

    • 960x720 25p over 50p

  • Video is not output during editing.

For more information, see the manual provided with VARICAM and the Panasonic homepage.

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