Shortcut key

[Move Cursor to Previous Sequence Marker]

[Shift] + [Page up]

[Move Cursor to Next Sequence Marker]

[Shift] + [Page down]

[Clear In Point]

[Alt] + [I]

[Set In Point]


[Go to In Point]

[Shift] + [I]


[Clear Out Point]

[Alt] + [O]

[Set Out Point]


[Go to Out Point]

[Shift] + [O]


[Set Audio Out Point]


[Go to Audio Out Point]

[Shift] + [P]

[Set Audio In Point]


[Go to Audio In Point]

[Shift] + [U]

[Shift Cut Point to Cursor (Transition)]

[Shift] + [Ctrl] + [T]

[Clear All Markers]

[Shift] + [Alt] + [V]

[Set Marker]


[Clear In/Out Point]


[Set In/Out Point on Current Clip]

[Shift] + [Z]

[Set In/Out Point to Focused Area]


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