Importing Sources

Managing Sources

Editing Operations






Editing Environment Configuration (Restricted users cannot perform this task)

Create New Project Presets → Start up Dialog Box or System Settings

Create and register a project preset.

Creating New Project Presets at Initial Start-up

Project Preset/Project Template

* A restricted user can change and use the content of the preset, but cannot create a new preset. Before you start editing using the restricted user profile, ensure to create a preset.

Create New Device Presets → System Settings

To use cameras, decks, or Grass Valley hardware products to import sources or export projects, create and register device presets. A device preset is required for each device as well as for each format and file type to import and export.

Using a Device

* A restricted user cannot create or change a device preset. Before you start editing using the restricted user profile, ensure to create a preset with the device, stream type and format,

Other Editing Environment Settings → System Settings

[System Settings]

Create New Profile → System Settings

If you want to change the editing environments for different projects or use the restricted user profile to perform editing tasks, you can register the device preset described above and other editing environment settings as a profile.

If you use the restricted user profile, you need a restricted user profile for each PC used by a restricted user.

The profiles can be managed through network.

Editing Environment Management

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