For Use of EDIUS Hereafter

Apply the latest updater (Version 8.22 or later) that has been provided since July 2016 to EDIUS.

The functions are made to be available, with some exceptions, in an environment where QuickTime for Windows (hereafter referred to as QuickTime) is not installed.


Restrictions after Uninstallation of QuickTime

Even if you have the latest update applied, the following files cannot be used after QuickTime has been uninstalled. (As of September 2018)


  • We keep working on providing solutions so that EDIUS can operate without problems after uninstallation of QuickTime. Visit our website for the latest information.

    Our Website



Still image

  • Flash Pix

  • JPEG2000

  • Mac Pict

  • QuickTime Image


  • 3GP

  • 3G2

  • MOV files of M4V and other codecs


  • MOV (except for LPCM and AAC)

  • QuickTime Audio

Custom Installation of QuickTime

To use the features described in Restrictions after Uninstallation of QuickTime , custom installation of QuickTime is required.

Restrictions after Uninstallation of QuickTime


  • The following procedure is given as a temporary measure to minimize the vulnerability of QuickTime. Note that it does not guarantee a complete solution for any risk occurred in such a case when a malicious MOV file is opened on EDIUS.

  • This section provides the procedure for custom installation of QuickTime for Windows 10.

1) Uninstall QuickTime.

2) Double-click QuickTimeInstaller.exe.

3) On the [QuickTime 7 Setup] screen, click [Custom].

4) Click [QuickTime Player], and click [Entire feature will be unavailable].

5) Click [Next], and install according to the on-screen instructions.


  • To use functions of QuickTime, from [System Settings], go to [Importer/Exporter] → [QuickTime], and check [Enable QuickTime Importer]. To enable the changes in the settings, restart EDIUS.


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