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Editing Storyboard

You can register clips to be used in a storyboard, change the length and playback order of the clips, and perform other operations.

Registering Clip to Storyboard

After a storyboard has been created, register clips to be used in the movie.

1) Drag a clip in [Library] and drop it onto the storyboard that you want to register the clip.

Deleting Clip in Storyboard

Delete clips registered to the storyboard.

1) Right-click on the clip to be deleted, and click [Remove from storyboard].

Copying Clip in Storyboard

You can copy clips within the same storyboard.

1) Right-click on the clip to copy, and click [Duplicate].

Dividing Clip in Storyboard

Cut a clip at the slider position and divide into two clips.

1) Move the slider to the position to cut a clip.

2) Right-click on a clip, and click [Cut].


Moving Clip in Storyboard

Storyboards are played back in order from the clip on the top of the thumbnail pane.

Clips in the thumbnail pane can be sorted as desired by drag and drop operation.

1) Drag a clip in the thumbnail pane and drop it to the destination.


Trimming Clip in Storyboard

Adjust the clip length.

1) Drag the trimming bar at the both ends of a clip in the thumbnail pane to the right or left.

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