GV I/O Version 5.0

  • Time Delay option — GV I/O introduces Time Delay option in this release to provide the ability to set up a loop record on one channel and have a time delay for playout on one or more of the other available channels. The designated record channel can be placed into record via AMP, VDCP or the AppCenter. For more info, refer to Configuring GV I/O Time Delay channels.
  • AppCenter support — To support the Time Delay option, changes have been made to the AppCenter so that it can be used with GV I/O. For more info, refer to AppCenter support.
  • Mellanox ConnectX-6 IP card — GV I/O supports the Mellanox ConnectX-6 IP card to replace the current CX5 model for 2110 workflows. For more info, refer to Installing GV I/O Field Kit upgrades.
  • NDI support — GV I/O introduces the options of adding NDI input and output, along with a low latency NDI live streaming capability for confidence monitoring.
  • SRT Ingest support — GV I/O supports the addition of SRT streaming ingest input to the Web Channel license option.
  • XAVC Long GOP support for UHD workflow — UHD GV I/O servers support XAVC Long GOP @200Mbps video format in this release.
  • Addition of Internal Storage option — GV I/O introduces another Internal Storage option to double the current capacity to over 15TBs of usable storage. For more info, refer to Product component summary.
  • Web UI configuration — Enhancements to the web-based configuration utility for GV I/O servers to include NDI input/output, SRT streaming ingest input, and Time Delay option. For more info, refer to Configuring the GV I/O Live Ingest and Playout Server.
  • Synchronization to time server for SDI workflows — GV I/O with SDI workflows are required to slave to a PTP (Precision Time Protocol) or NTP (Network Time Protocol) Time server. For more info, refer to Synchronizing GV I/O to a Time server.

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