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Upgrading to SNFS 6.0

Before deploying systemcabs to upgrade to K2 Summit 10.1 systems, you must upgrade the SNFS from version 4.7 to version 6.0 on your K2 SAN's K2 Media Server (FSMs) and K2 Summit Standalone(s) using the following script: SNFS_6.0.6upgrade-v20180712.zip

Note: K2 Summit 10.1 systems require all servers to be upgraded to Windows 2016 OS and all K2 Summit clients to be upgraded to Windows 10 OS.

Verify the following before doing this task:

  • K2 SAN is not in service and all servers are in Update Mode
  • Only one gvfs_*.cfg file exists in the D:\SNFS\config folder on the FSMs
  • Only one gvfs_*.cfg file exists in the C:\SNFS\config on K2 Summit Standalone(s)
  1. Copy the SNFS_6.0.6upgrade-v20180712.zip file to your FSMs, B1 proxy servers and K2 Standalone desktops.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Run the appropriate batch file for each device:
    • gvSnfsSetupK2.bat (For FSMs)
    • gvSnfsSetupSummit.bat (For K2 Summit Standalone)
  4. Delete the zip and extracted files.
  5. Run a Check Software on all your devices in Siteconfig and verify that those FSMs and K2 Summit Standalone(s) show SNFS 6.0 is installed.

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