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Upgrade K2 Summit OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on K2 Summit 10.1 systems

  1. Back up the configurations of all K2 Summits on Windows 7 operating system by doing the following:
    1. Copy the OSupgrade-v20180705.zip file to the C:\temp directory on each Windows 7 Summit.
    2. Extract the zip file.
    3. Move the OSupgrade folder to the C:\temp directory.
    4. Run the ConfigBackup.bat file.
    5. Zip up the OSupgrade and GVBACKUP folders together and copy the zip file to an external device.
  2. Update and verify that the BIOS is updated to the latest version to ensure that you have the Meltdown & Spectre patches.
  3. Using the 20180716-SUM-W10.tib image (or later), reimage the Windows 7 Summits to Windows 10.
  4. On each reimaged K2 Summit:
    1. Reconfigure the network.
    2. Re-share the V: drives for K2 Summit MDI/GVRE purposes.
    3. Manually install Discovery Agent or later.
  5. Launch the SiteConfig application and do the following:
    1. From the Devices tab, remove all the Summit devices that were reimaged.
    2. Re-add all the K2 Summit devices in the Devices tab, and add them back to the desired deployment group(s)—(only to those deployment groups containing the K2 Plus systemcab).
    3. For K2 Summit Standalone(s), re-add the GV STRATUS Summit Services role.
    4. Perform a Check Software on all the newly added devices.
    5. Deploy GV STRATUS 6.5 systemcabs.
  6. License your reimaged K2 Summits.
  7. Restore the configurations on your K2 Summit version 10.1 SAN clients and Standalone(s) by doing the following:
    1. Copy the zip files of K2 Summit configurations to the local C:\temp folders on all reimaged K2 Summits.
    2. Extract the zip file and copy the OSupgrade and GVBACKUP folder to the C:\temp directory on each K2 Summit.
    3. Run the ConfigRestore.bat file. This should restore all your K2Config/SAN settings and channel settings.

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