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GV STRATUS security and access from other applications

The GV STRATUS system accesses assets on K2 Summit/SAN media storage. The management of asset security for this access takes place in the GV STRATUS system only. GV STRATUS security does not change asset permissions on the K2 Summit/SAN media storage system. Therefore, when an application that is not GV STRATUS accesses assets directly on the K2 Summit/SAN media storage system, that access is not managed by GV STRATUS security. Take this into consideration if you have workflows that are dependent on GV STRATUS security. Access to assets without management by GV STRATUS security can interfere with those workflows.

The following are examples of applications that can access assets directly on the K2 Summit/SAN media storage system, without being managed by GV STRATUS security:
  • K2 Summit AppCenter
  • Connected editors, such as the following:
    • EDIUS Workgroup
    • Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC
    • Avid Media Composer®
    • Apple Final Cut Pro
The following is an example of how accessing assets without management by GV STRATUS security can affect a workflow that depends on security.
  1. There are three bins, A, B, and C, in the GV STRATUS system.
  2. GV STRATUS security allows a user to have write and delete permission on bins A and B, but does not allow write or delete permission on bin C. From the GV STRATUS system, the user cannot add, remove, or modify assets in bin C.
  3. From a connected editor with direct access to K2 storage, the user exports assets to the three bins. The asset exports successfully to bin C, since the user's access is not managed by GV STRATUS security.
  4. The GV STRATUS system detects the presence of the newly arrived assets and adds them to the GV STRATUS database. As it does so, it applies GV STRATUS security to the asset references.
  5. In the GV STRATUS application, the user attempts to move the assets in the three bins to other bins. The move is successful for assets in bins A and B but unsuccessful for the asset in bin C. This is because GV STRATUS security does not allow the user to remove assets from bin C.
In this example, the user's workflow is blocked. Since the export to all three bins was successful, the user expects to then be able to move those assets using the GV STRATUS application. But because of their GV STRATUS security settings on bin C, they can view the asset but they can't complete the intended workflow for the asset.

To prevent problems with security dependent workflows, access assets using GV STRATUS security management only. If an application has an embedded GV STRATUS panel or plugin, where you use GV STRATUS Navigator and other GV STRATUS features to access assets, then that access is managed by GV STRATUS security. For example, Newsroom Computer Systems access assets in this way. Some applications, such as high-resolution EDIUS Workgroup, can access assets both ways: via a GV STRATUS panel and also directly on the K2 Summit/SAN media storage system via the EDIUS K2 Browser. If your workflows depend on GV STRATUS security, Grass Valley recommends that you access assets only with the GV STRATUS application or with a GV STRATUS panel/plugin embedded in another application.

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