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The Asset List panel

The Asset List panel displays the contents of the item selected in the Navigator panel, such as a group, bin, or sub-bin. Each time you select an item in the Navigator panel, an updated view of its contents is displayed. You can also search for assets or groups and save your searches, then select them later in the Navigator panel. The Asset List panel appears in the middle of the GV STRATUS Web Client.

The Asset List panel features are as follows:

  • Asset location — Displays the location of the asset, relative to the Navigator hierarchy. The breadcrumb trail of the selected bin displays. To navigate up the breadcrumb trail, click a bin on the toolbar.
  • Asset properties — The selected item in the Navigator has its contents displayed in the Asset List panel. Properties are displayed by Thumbnail, Name, Created Date, Modified Date, Ratings, High-Res Status, and Has Proxy Status.
  • Sortable columns — Sorts the list when you click the column head.
  • Search tool — Searches on asset names, descriptions, tags, comments, custom text fields, and customizable search conditions.

The Asset List panel is customizable. To resize, drag the sides of the panel to suit your operation.

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions. If permission is restricted, assets, metadata, and other controls can be disabled or hidden.

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