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Inspector keyboard shortcuts

Function Key Comment
-1 Frame A
-10 Frames D
+1 Frame S
+10 Frames F
Create Keyword Ctrl + Insert
Create Marker Insert
Clear Mark In Shift + I
Clear Mark Out Shift + O
Clear Marks Shift + P
Create Subclip F4
Eject Ctrl + E
Fast Forward R Fast forward with 8X speed.
Send F11
Go to Beginning Home
Go to End End
Go to Mark In Ctrl + I
Go to Mark Out Ctrl + O
Go to Next Event H
Go to Previous Event G
Mark In I
Mark Out O
Pause K
Play/Pause Spacebar Toggles between play and pause.
Play from Start Q
Forward L
Reverse J Play video in reverse.
Rewind E Rewind with 8X speed.
Trim F3

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