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Linking a GV STRATUS asset in Avid using the edit-in-place workflow

  • The GV AMA plug-ins must be correctly installed and configured.
  • The K2 storage volume must be mounted.
  • The Avid Media Composer in your system is version 8.5 or lower. For versions higher than 8.5, refer to Linking GV STRATUS assets in Avid.
  1. To manually link to files, do the following:
    1. Open and select the bin in which you want the master clip or sequence to appear.
    2. Select File | Input | Link to Media, navigate to the filepath, and select the file or files for linking.

    3. Choose the file type for linking:
      • Summit (*.XML, *.IDX): Creates a master clip or sequence which references all the media files and metadata as described by the XML.
    4. Click Open. The linked files appear as master clips or sequences.
  2. To manually link to volumes (folders), do the following:
    1. Select File | Input | Link to Media and file type as below:

      • Autodetect Plug-in (*) for volume linking.
    2. Click Open.
    3. Navigate to the required folder, such as V:\media\default. A new bin is created and populated with all the assets found in the folder. The linked asset appears as master clips or sequences.
    4. To limit the number of assets in each folder, use Link to files and select only the files needed. When you link to volumes, only the content within a folder can be linked. All the assets within the selected folder are enumerated and linked. Master clips or sequences are created using all the media files and metadata as described by each of the assets XML found in the folder.

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