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Grass Valley Recommended Deployment and Monitoring Solutions

To maximize up-time, a maintenance strategy must provide the ability to easily identify the root cause of an unanticipated hardware or software failure and to quickly compile failure data. The ability to proactively predict failures and to quickly notify those who can rectify them makes the maintenance strategy even more powerful. Grass Valley has a long history of building the necessary functionality into critical broadcast products. With Grass Valley’s next generation tool, GV GUARDIAN, remote monitoring and proactive predictive failure analysis are important contributors to Grass Valley system solutions. GV GUARDIAN runs on commercial off-the-shelf server PCs, such as the K2 system control point PC, and is also available as an all-in-one turnkey product. Grass Valley and 3rd party devices report status via Window Messaging, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), or syslog to GV GUARDIAN. The tool provides easy to use, fully autonomous remote monitoring to predict errors, provide proactive notifications, and centrally consolidate error logs and hardware failure information. With GV GUARDIAN you can maximize your up-time with less manpower, as compared to manual system monitoring. Watching for indicator lights, physically scanning logs, and other manual monitoring is far more time consuming, more error-prone, and much less accurate. Grass Valley recommends using GV GUARDIAN as your remote monitoring tool.

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