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About loop modes in K2, Dyno, and GV STRATUS

Support for loop modes varies on Grass Valley products.

Grass Valley products provide features for putting an asset into a loop mode. Products and their loop modes are as follows:
  • K2 AppCenter:
    • Loop play: Allows the clip to play in a continuous loop until stopped.
    • Continuous record: Allows you to specify a fixed-length recording that records continuously. When the fixed length you specify is reached, AppCenter begins to erase the oldest media in 3 minute segments to make room for new media.
    • Loop play (Loop Playback): Loops the current asset between mark in to mark out.
  • K2 Dyno:
    • Loop record (LoopRec): Same as K2 AppCenter Continuous record.

While the GV STRATUS application can access the same K2 Storage as K2 AppCenter and K2 Dyno, the GV STRATUS application does not support a recording loop mode. Therefore, in the GV STRATUS application, do not attempt to access an asset while it is in a loop record mode. The asset can be put into this type of loop mode by K2 Dyno or K2 AppCenter.

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