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Configure domain on all Grass Valley products

Once the domain is set up, configure the domain on Grass Valley products.

Before doing this task, the Grass Valley personnel must have authority, or be working with on-site IT personnel who have authority, to configure GV computers and groups in the domain.
  1. Add all Grass Valley devices to the domain. If you are using DNS that is available on the domain server make sure you update your DNS entry accordingly.
  2. On GV STRATUS servers, configure GV STRATUS services to logon with your internal system/domain account.
    1. Open the Windows operating system Services Control Panel.
    2. From the following list, identify the services running on the server, and configure each of those services to logon with your internal system/domain account.
      • GV Device Key Service
      • GV Log Manager
      • GV Proxy Streaming Gateway Service
      • GV STRATUS Control Panel Services
      • GV STRATUS Data Mover Engine
      • GV STRATUS External Media Engine
      • GV STRATUS Ingest Config
      • GV STRATUS Ingest Core
      • GV STRATUS Ingest DB
      • GV STRATUS MDI Flashnet.
      • GV STRATUS MDI Masstech.
      • GV STRATUS MDI GFTP. (Optional)
      • GV STRATUS MDI Proxy
      • GV STRATUS MDI Summit
      • GV STRATUS MediaFlow Workflow Engine
      • GV STRATUS Resolver
      • GV STRATUS Rules Engine
      • GV STRATUS Rules Wizard
      • GV STRATUS Scheduled Transfer Engine
      • GV STRATUS Social Media Engine
      • GV STRATUS Traffic Gateway
      • GV STRATUS Xcode Control Engine
    The following is an example of a script for automation from the command line. In this example the domain name is GVDOMAIN and the internal system account is GVAdmin:
    sc config "StorageUtilityHost" obj= "GVDOMAIN\GVAdmin" password= "yourpassword"
  3. Identify the user groups that must be configured in GV STRATUS Authorization Manager to support the site's workflow, then do the following:
    1. If a group does not already exist in the domain, create the group in the domain. Make sure the group name corresponds to the group name required by the GV STRATUS workflow.
    2. Add users to groups to support the site's GV STRATUS workflow.

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