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GV STRATUS Control Panel configuration for K2 Central

Before configuring GV STRATUS Control Panel:
  • The entire system must be restarted in the following order so that the registry settings take effect:
    • K2 systems
    • All other servers
  • GV STRATUS servers and K2 Summit systems must be licensed.
  • K2 Summit system channels must be configured.
  1. Configure Control Panel as you would a normal GV STRATUS system, except for the following steps.

    In some fields you must manually enter text rather than selecting from a list.

  2. Select Core | K2 Storage | K2 Central | Add.

    The Add new K2 Central system dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the name of the K2 Central system, select the K2 Central server and K2 clients for the system, and click Save.

    To add multiple K2 Central systems, you can use the Add button repeatedly on the K2 Central tab.

  4. Select Core | MDI and configure a Grass Valley Media Server MDI for the K2 Central system.

  5. Select K2 Central for the Type of device.

    For the SAN name, enter the name of the K2 Central system. Then, enter the UNC path to the K2 Central system.

    Select the Summit client or server designated to be the primary and secondary device, if applicable.

    Note: For optimum system performance, it is recommended that if there are K2 Summit Clients use them for the primary and secondary device. If there is only one client, use the client as the primary device and the FSM/Storage Manager as the secondary device.

    Be sure to set the credentials to use the GVAdmin account on the fully qualified domain, such as GVDOMAIN. Then, click Save.

  6. Select Core | Proxy Config | Proxy Settings and do the following:
    1. Set the Location of Proxy Assets, SMB Server, and HTTP Server.

    2. Enable proxy Creation to set the proxy registry keys on the Summit clients.
    3. Enable Proxy Encoders for auto-scavenging.
    4. Enable Waveform Generation for proxy files if you need it for EDIUS systems in your operation.
    5. Save and Test Connections.
  7. Shut down the entire system.
  8. Power up in the following order:
    • FSM/K2 Manager (Log in before powering up K2 Summit clients.)
    • K2 Summit systems (Verify AppCenter is functioning on each client before powering up other servers.)
    • All other servers.
  9. Finish configuration of other devices (such as EDIUS, XRE/Render Engine, NCS/GV STRATUS Rundown, Archive servers etc.) as needed.

    Some reboots may be required.

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