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K2 Central Storage setup and installation

Configure as follows:

  1. Disconnect network cables and unplug direct connections from K2 Central server to the K2 Summit clients.
  2. Switch off the power to K2 Central and take out the front drives.
  3. Power on the K2 Central, insert the USB thumb drive, load Acronis, and use the K2central_v1-11.tib image to image the K2 Central.

    The K2 Central will reboot automatically after the imaging process.

  4. Power off the K2 Central to reinsert the front drives, and switch on the power again for the K2 Central server.
  5. Configure the Control and FTP networks on the K2 Central server.
  6. Update hosts files and add to domain.
  7. Install Discovery Agent, and select K2 Central Server as the server type.
  8. Procure the GrassValley_K2system_ x.x.x.x.cab, and install via SiteConfig. Then, reboot the K2 Central server.
  9. On the K2 Central desktop, run Storage Initializer to create a new file system. Then, reboot the K2 Central server.
  10. After initializing storage, run the K2 Central Config to set the number of FTP streams for K2 Central server to 10.
  11. Share the V: drive of the K2 Central.
  12. If you have EDIUS configured in your system, create an EDIUS folder on the V: drive.
  13. If the GVAdmin password was changed, update the following file on the K2 Central server:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Grass Valley\STRATUS Summit Service\Atlas.Service.Summit.ServiceHost.exe.config

Note: K2 Config does not support the K2 Central system. K2 Central will be corrupted if configured to K2 Config. For GV STRATUS versions 4.8 and higher, K2 Centrals are configured entirely in GV STRATUS Control Panel, once they have been deployed via SiteConfig as K2 Central devices. If you configured a K2 Central in GV STRATUS version 4.5, please refer to the 4.8 upgrade procedures to undo the manual steps that were required to configure K2 Central with GV STRATUS 4.5 application.

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