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K2Config setup for SMB storage

  1. After deploying software, note the location of the saved SCSD in the SiteConfig title bar.
  2. Open K2Config (“K2 System Configuration” on the desktop).
  3. Select File | Import SiteConfig to import the SCSD file into K2Config.

  4. Switch from Online Production to ThirdPartyNAS.
  5. Configure the K2 Manager with the UNC path, the high res domain credentials and a chosen File system name.

    If using FT Server (NEC) for K2 Manager or NH (FTP) roles, connections are the same for all roles. There is one connection to the Private Media Share and one connection to the control (not SMB storage) network. Both control and FTP traffic use the control network. There is no separate connection for FTP traffic.

  6. If you have GV Render Engine without the Advanced Encoder role in your operation, remove the GV Render Engine from K2Config.
  7. After the K2 Manager reboots, configure the Summit clients. The K2 Manager settings are used by default.
  8. Configure the proxy server, and encoder to use SMB Attached storage access.
  9. Under STRATUS | Network Configuration, make sure that the core server name is entered.
  10. Under STRATUS | Sync to Control Panel, select “Overwrite… “ and Sync now.
  11. Verify that the SiteConfig and K2Config files are up-to-date in the following directories on the core:
    • C\ProgramData\Grass Valley\ConfigurationDataFiles\K2Config
    • C\ProgramData\Grass Valley\ConfigurationDataFiles\SiteConfig

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