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GV STRATUS Rundown setup for SMB storage

If the system with SMB storage uses GV STRATUS ActiveX for the GV STRATUS Rundown drag-and-drop workflow, implement the workaround for the following Known Problem.
DE7006 Description: After dragging a clip from GV STRATUS ActiveX to the playlist in GV STRATUS Rundown on an SMB (Isilon) system, the clip status never changes to Ready.
Workaround: On the K2 Media Server with role of file system server (FSM), add a domain key to the config file found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Grass Valley\ STRATUS Summit Service\Atlas.Service.Summit.ServiceHost.exe.config. The following example illustrates a domain key with value gvservice.com.
     <add key="Hostname" value="localhost"/>
	 <add key="Username" value="GVAdmin"/>
	 <add key="Password" value="yourpassword"/>
	 <add key="Domain" value="gvservice.com"/>
Restart the K2 Media Server to put the change into effect. This requires a restart of the entire system. Make sure you use the correct sequence for shutdown and power up of devices.

You must implement this manual workaround after every upgrade.

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