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Installing RS-422 card for GV STRATUS VTR Controller

To connect a VTR to a GV STRATUS VTR Controller PC, you need to install a PCI 422 SMPTE 8 Port RoHS RS-422 card.

  1. If you are connecting one or more VTRs to GV STRATUS VTR Controller, install the RS-422 card in your computer, making sure the dip switches are set to the down position as shown, and install the card’s driver.

    Note: If only one VTR is to be connected to a GV STRATUS VTR Controller PC, you can use an alternative connection method with an RS-422 to RS-232 cable connected to the onboard COM1 port.
  2. Connect the VTR(s) to the GV STRATUS VTR Controller machine via RS-422 cable.
  3. If you are using LTC for timecode, connect a timecode cable from the timecode source (VTR) to the media server.

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