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About the Lost and Found folder

If you have the role of Media Manager you will find a folder named Lost and Found under the Groups node in Navigator. This is the default folder for any asset that does not otherwise have a location, meaning that there is no folder under the Navigator Groups | Locations node that contains the asset. When the GV STRATUS application determines that an asset does not have a location, it automatically places the asset in the Lost and Found folder.

Examples of an asset with no location are as follows:
  • An event scheduled by the Scheduler that does not yet have an associated location.
  • An asset for which the high-resolution media no longer exists in the GV STRATUS system.

If an asset in the Lost and Found folder later acquires a location, the asset appears in that location and is removed from the Lost and Found folder.

You can manage assets in the Lost and Found folder the same as any other folder under the Groups node.

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