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The Send Message tool

The Send Message tool allows you to send and receive messages with attachments. If you are logged on to a GV STRATUS application you can send a message to another person that is currently logged on to a GV STRATUS application and on the same network subnet. The Send Message tool appears in the GV STRATUS application and in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application when you launch it from the Navigator panel.

Send Message tool features are as follows:

  • To field — Specifies the GV STRATUS user to whom the message is sent. Select a user from the drop-down list.
  • Subject field — Contains the title of the message.
  • Message field — Contains the message.
  • Attachments field — Provides a field to which you drag attachments.
  • Send button — Sends the message.
  • Clear button — Clears all fields in the Send Message panel.
You can attach the following:
  • Clips
  • Playlists
  • Saved searches
  • Workspaces
  • Bins
  • Logging buttons
  • Button Panels
  • Advanced Logging Tool composite panel
  • Tools
  • Devices
  • Locations
  • Monitors
  • Channel Panels
  • Drives

When you send an attachment, you are actually sending a link to the attachment, rather than the attachment itself.

When you receive a message, a Message dialog box opens and displays the message. If the message has an attachment, you can do the following:
  • Open the attachment by double-clicking it.
  • Create a copy of the attachment in the Navigator panel or drag it to other panels in the GV STRATUS application. Consider the size of the attachment before creating a copy.

The Send Message tool is more similar to Instant Messaging than it is to E-mail, as there is no Outbox or Inbox functionality to store messages. If a person is not logged on to a GV STRATUS application you can not send them a message. Likewise, if you are not logged on to a GV STRATUS application you can not receive a message.

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